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This site is designed to provide progressive credit union executives with everything they need to know about the structure of the mutual savings bank charter, the benefits it offers members and the community, and the major steps in the CU conversion process. It also provides information about alternative capital raising strategies.


CU Financial Services is a national growth and merger consulting firm that can help a credit union evaluate the feasibility of a charter change, including a review of all available charter options, and guide it through the conversion process. CU Financial Services also helps implement mergers, introduce business lending programs, satisfy regulatory enforcement actions — especially if real estate or business lending issues are involved — and execute CUSO strategies, including organization/acquisition, management or divestiture.

For more information contact:

Alan D. Theriault, President, at 800-649-2741.

CU Financial Services
PO Box 1053
Portland, Maine 04104

ccuco.orgClick here to link to Straight Answers to 21 questions on charter conversion from the Coalition for Credit Union Charter Options.